About Allen and Rod

Allen has been in real estate for over 27 years, all of which have been in the Didsbury and area market. Prior to finding his true calling as a REALTOR®, he has been employed and self employed in different service related businesses. Allen enjoys interacting with people and over the years has come to appreciate the differences in personalities, goals and dreams from one individual to the next. It is these differences that make his work both interesting and challenging, having never the exact same experience twice. In his spare time (what spare time!?) Allen enjoys being home with his family, helping out at his local church, getting together with friends, puttering around in his yard and riding his motorcycle the odd time the weather cooperates. He has been blessed with a lovely wife, 3 wonderful children, and 5 fun-loving grandchildren!

Prior to Rod’s 19 years plus in the real estate industry, he gained a wealth of experience in working with people over the years, having grown a small home and office bottled water delivery business into a thriving company eventually purchased by a major water distributor. People are Rod’s passion and he demonstrates this in how he treats each and every person he meets with respect and dignity. Of course a few good natured remarks and the odd joke (and we mean odd!) are always part of the package when you sit down with Rod but one thing he doesn’t make light of are his customers’ wants and needs. His terrific wife and 2 sons are what make Rod’s world go around and he also enjoys camping, hanging with friends and lending a helping hand.